OWiN, Smart Payment Total Solution Provider

  • Differentiation

    Serving up the seamless connected car commerce service for all drivers having any types of car in One-stop. Serving up the seamless connected car commerce service for all drivers having any types of car in One-stop.

  • Value proposition

    The first and No.1 service solution provider of connected car commerce in global market. The non-touch based BLE Geo Fencing payments offer a next generation payment solution that can be conveniently deployed for in-car payments.

  • Collaboration

    The convenience of non-touch in-car payments has already been recognized by a top gas station company in Korea, who piloted the concept at dozens of locations in 2018 and has decided to expand this non-touch payment into thousands of gas stations across Korea. OWiN is rapidly building a non-touch in-car payment platform and user base simultaneously in both the domestic & overseas markets starting by Thailand.

The Technology That makes it all possible!

Our system assigns a unique digital ID to vehicles (‘Car ID’) linking the vehicle to the user’s smartphone or infotainment system, and then onto a menu of available services.


    To access all goods and services.


    For all transactions.


    For all car models
    (existing + new-build)


As your gateway to O2O commerce, the Car ID assigns a virtual ID to your car. The Car ID’s Bluetooth signal generator broadcasts the vehicle’s location, enabling connectivity with retailers. The Car ID comes as a cigar-jack type, card type, or an embedded chip for new vehicles.


OWiN Ark is a communication receiver which can be installed at a service store, fuel station, or parking lot. The Ark acknowledges distance, location, and direction of cars. When the Ark detects the presence of a Car ID, it communicates with the service provider to coordinate service. It is the core infrastructure in V2X.

Smart Payment Device

OWiN’s unique value proposition in offering multi-functional devices that can handle not only QR code & NFC payments, but also OWiN’s proprietary ‘non-touch’-based BLE Geo Fencing payments. As a smart payment total solution provider, OWiN Inc has won an exclusive supply contract for the design and development of a smart payment device from a world-renowned mobile payment platform company. The first contract amount is multi-million USD and, in the coming years, subsequent contracts that will be worth more than ten times the first are expected to follow.

PRODUCT FEATURES MATTER We are proud to stand out from the crowd

  • One time ID
    One time password

    Encryption and proprietary matching of a one-time ID / one-time password for secure transmission of customer data.

  • Hassle-free,
    smarter fueling

    Pull-up and refuel without selecting the pump number – a feature no existing app or solution can offer. Automated payment tied to vehicle.

  • Adaptable solution
    at low cost

    OWiN’s system offers quick & easy installation for consumers and merchants. System is applicable to all vehicle makes / models.

  • Micro-location
    detection service

    Unparalleled accuracy - we harness location-based data to synchronize order prep with customer arrival.

  • Multiple services
    in one platform

    Comprehensive network of retailers from simplicity of one interface. Curbside pick-up can be added to any retail location without dedicated infrastructure.