We’re looking for global talent!

OWiN is a global start-up company that is developing and providing loT based connected car service to drivers.
Experts from various areas are working together with passion and energy to provide a seamless service experience for customers. Anyone with a creative mind, great energy, and looking for a place to expand your capabilities should apply!

  • Application planning
    Responsible for planning, upgrading and managing the overall functionality of the OWiN app. CONTACT
  • Contents and Design
    Responsible for planning content and participating in design production for SNS channels. CONTACT
  • Marketing and PR
    Responsible for promoting our service through various media channels. CONTACT
  • Hardware Installation Team
    Responsible for testing, installing and maintaining our hardware in the field. CONTACT
  • Firmware Team
    Responsible for designing and coding firmware to enable OWiN's service. CONTACT
  • Service Management
    Customer service representatives to interface with user’s and OWiN’s service network and ensure reliable operations. CONTACT