Share & use personal commercial parking spaces!
Fast & Easy, Close &
Cheap parking space search
Parking like ez-pass! Auto mobile payment
IoT based parking share solution
Economical parking management solution
Watch Video
Watch Video
Easy parking using a simple
cigar jack charger!
    in the shape of a vehicles’ cigar jack charger
  • As a high-tech IoT based smart hardware, OWiN Car ID can be used
    as a parking PASS and a charger, once inserted in a vehicles’ cigar jack.
    Automatic detection occurs, allowing vehicle’s to pass through parking gates
    without separate operation.
Notification of vacant parking spaces available when user sets their destination and desired parking time.
Now, park easily by making reservations based on watching real time parking space status!

Parking lot’s detect user’s vehicles’ and allows convenient auto-payment and gate recognition
Parking as easy as ‘ez-pass!’

Parking gates detect user’s vehicles’. Gates open automatically as the car pass through and automatic mobile payment occurs when the car leaves, based on the time parked.
Now, share your personal parking space and receive additional revenue.
Intelligently control your personal parking space with Parker. Share your personal parking space and receive additional revenue with our mobile application.
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