OWiN can help you with
Your Smart Car Life!
Connected Car Commerce Solution can be implemented right now
Regardless of your car type and year,
it is possible with smartphone, and Car ID.
  • Assigning digital ID to car
    can provide various
    on-demand services
    based on the exact location of vehicles.
Your CAR Becomes
Based on encoded OTI/OTP signal transmission and vehicles’ exact location (micro LBS),
various services can be offered in vehicle specialized environments
New customers, new data,
and new services
OWiN solution is building a vehicle centric “Smart Car Commerce Platform” which links to various O2O services.
With analysis of purchasing histories, and moving routes, customized services can be provided within the platform.
  • Vehicle to Everything(V2X)

    OWiN connects vehicles to everything.
    Do offer easy and convenient services to drivers.
  • CRM based on the data

    OWiN provides segmentalized drivers’
    CRM DATA in order to offer efficient and explicit services.
  • Target Marketing

    OWiN analyzes customers’ location, buying patterns and
    other diverse patterns. Based on the big data,
    it offers highly sophisticated marketing solution.
Building a Connected
Car Commerce
By providing OPEN API through Connected Car Commerce OWiN will build a Connected Car Commerce market with various service partners and affiliated companies.