You can provide take out
services to
driver customers
Take-out service is a good channel to increase
the rotation rates of the table.
Expand your market share by providing
take-out services to drivers.
  • Provide touching PiCK-UP
    service to your customers!
  • Even convenient than Delivery service!
    Receive order through mobile and
    deliver the services at the door.
  • Frequent customers, and new customers!
    You can see them today, tomorrow and so on.
Shops without DT
can act like DT!
Without any special facilities for DT, any shops can provide
Drive-Thru service in the middle of highly populated city
Takes about 4 minutes (conformation for three times, and pick up process)
Requires 1.5 times bigger property than existing size of the shop.
Inaccurate order communication takes about 21% of the time
Takes less than 30 seconds to order
Can be applied to current shop
Accurate order using mobile platform
Shops can provide services
in a most
convenient and
smart manner.
Based on the exact location of customers’ car,
you can provide service without waiting time.

    Notifying the order and payment
    on tablet screen
    which is installed at the shop

    OWiN connects vehicles with various services.
    Provide easy and convenient services to drivers

    Get ready by estimate time of pick up.

    Based on customers’ location, the tablet
    shows the estimate
    pick up time in different colours.

    For quick delivery service, notification
    for customers/cars’ location is shown

    When car approaches within 150m radius of the shop,
    the notification which contains the order, car details,
    and location is sent to the shop.
Hardware for the service is provided for free!
Device, which acknowledge driver or pedestrian,
for shop is provided
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