Curious? Ask Away!
1. What is a Car ID?
A Car ID is a BLE (bluetooth low energy) device that sends out bluetooth signals for detection by other devices.
They offer narrower location provision than GPS, are inexpensive, and are often used for indoor technology.
However, OWiN Car ID is effectively used outdoors due to its stable power-source from the car's cigar-jack, and can
transmit in and out of the car without trouble.
2. Ar software updates included?
Of course! We will be providing timely upgrades to make more services available to you as we develop
our platforrm for higher integration with other services.
3. How does OWiN Car ID Work?
OWiN Car ID has three functions:

1. You car's own ID Your car will be given its own number, and that number will be sent out of your car whenever
you drive so that you can be recognized by various service providers. Because you're sending out your own ID,
the service providers will be able to remember you, and provide customized services.

2. Autopayment system Your OWiN Car ID can be controlled by our OWiN Auto App.
With the combination of two, you will be able to pay for your goods and services with ease and flow without having
to get your wallet out. 3. USB charger Lastly, we have instilled a USB charger port into your OWiN Car ID for the charging
of your other smart devices! It is of 5V/2A model, which is one of the fastest models available.
1. Is my car supported?
Yes! One of the best aspects of OWiN Car ID is that our product is applicable to all cars around the world.
Your cigar jack is of a single type that is universal in design and size for all. With our OWiN Car ID,
every car can become smart, with just a click.
2. What if I buy a new car?
When you buy a new car, or when you rent a new car, all you have to do is plug out your OWiN Car ID
and plug it into the new car! Of course, don't forget to change the car information on your account for full
and accurate enjoyment of our services!
3. How do I set up my OWiN Car ID?
When you receive your Car ID, there will be an instruction manual that is sent along with it.
But simply, just plug your OWiN Car ID in, make your account, wait for the initial bluetooth pairing with your choice of
smart device, and then you're done! It's very easy and simple.
4. Can I change the e-mail address associated with my account?
Your e-mail address is used as your account's ID.
So if you want to change your e-maill address, you will have to delete your account first, and then sign up with
the new e-mail address as a new user.
5. Can two or more people use OWiN Car ID in the same car?
No, a single person can only use a single OWiN Car ID.
If you want to use your OWiN Car ID for the same car, you will have to buy a separate one, register it, and then plug it in the car.
Plus, don't forget to turn off the first OWiN Car ID as it has its own battery and your car may be double-detected!
6. For family use, does the set-up process have to be done through one account?
No! One person will pair with one auto Car ID, and no one person has to control the whole family's account.
One account - One Car ID. If you have four members in your family and a single car, and all of you want a separate account,
simply buy four OWiN Car ID for your use!
1. Do you have an Android App?
Yes, we provide our application for Android & iOS. We will have the application ready as soon as possible.
2. Do you have an iOS App?
Yes, we provide our application for Android & iOS. We will have the application ready as soon as possible.
3. Why do I need an application?
OWiN Car ID is only a trigger. It's your application that handles context and notification.
4. What kind of phone works with OWiN Auto App.?
We provide our application for Android & iOS, and are available for versions from Android Jelly Bean and iOS 7.
5. What languages does OWiN Auto App. Support?
We provide our application in English and Korean at first.
We will be working on the provision in other languages as well.
will let you know of the timely updates through our newsletters. To sign up, click here.
1. Is OWiN Autopay safe from being hacked?
Hacking is a very serious issue, and we provide triple-layer solution for this.
Our whole system is based on One-Time-Password (OTP) provision, so that one transaction cannot be traced to the other.
Not only that, the OTP for the transaction, account information, and device information have to match up completely
in order for the transaction to take place.
2.Is my payment information stored online?
The policy will differ by country and the respecitve law.
In South Korea, your transaction details have to be stored for 5 years before they are.
1. What is PiCK and what is OWiN? What’s the relationship between the two?
OWiN is developing a platform for drivers with its own hardwares.
Its representative products are OWiN Car ID (cigar jack charger), and OWiN Ark (receptor for stores).
PiCK is a Drive&Pick-Up Service provided by OWiN and its hardwares. It is a platform from which the customer can get
fuel services, food, and various convenience items right from the car. The store owners can provide services to a new customer
pool, and also handle various marketing processes with more ease and flow. Customers can access the service through
the PiCK application, and the store owners can provite the service through PiCK’s Admin features.
2. What do I do when a customer cancels an order?
The order cancel alert is given to the store owner after the order is cancelled.
You can also manage your orders on the [ Manage Orders ] tab.
3. I cancelled an order. How can I check it?
You can check your orders on the [ Manage Orders ] tab.
4. Can I use PiCK without a tablet PC?
f your POS machine can be programmed with PiCK Store, you can enjoy the service from your original POS machine.
However, if your POS does not support our format, we have the policy to provide the service access through our tablet PC.
5. What do I do when the tablet PC is broken?
If you submit the repair request to PiCK’s help center(070-4282-7845), we proceed with the tablet PC replacement and repair.
However, for the below cases, you will have to pay for the replacement/repair.

1) If the damage was done by careless handling.
2) If the damage was done by an excessive collision or contact with liquid material.
3) If the damage was made in a place other than the given store.
6. What do I do when I want to stop PiCK’s service?
OWiN will visit your store in order to retreive the PiCK Store from your POS machine, the tablet PC, OWiN Ark, and other accessories.
Please rid of the paper marketing materials (posters, etc.) by yourself.
7. A customer placed an order for an item that is not available.
Please cancel the order from your PiCK Store agent, and an alert will be given to the customer on the cancellation.
fterwards, if you change the status of the item to [ Stop Sales ] on the management panel,
the item will no longer be visible to the customer.
8. The menu was ready, and the customer cancelled.
We operate with the same system as the offline stores. When the menu is complete, cancellation is not allowed.
When you register your store on PiCK Store, you can set the minimum cancellation time for your store
(e.g. if you set 20 minutes, the customer will not be able to cancel a menu within 15 minutes of the estimated pick-up time).
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