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Connected Car Life is an arena of experience where drivers can be serviced smartly without having to leave the comforts of their car seat. Right now, it is estimated that around 5 years willl be needed for the automotive industry to fully incorporate, standardize, and commercialize connected car technology.

OWiN has materialized V2X (Vehicle 2 Everything) technology through a small device, and is steadly building up the connected car experience with its core centering on the device. OWiN Car ID assigns each vehicle its own ID and emits real-time location information for the formation of accurate On-Demand service platform for drivers. Whether it is a car manufactured in the 80s, or a truck manufactured in the 2000s, OWiN Car ID can be plugged easily into the cigar-jack for an enjoyment of smart and easy connected car life. The reason OWiN has rooted its foundation on the connected car industry is not simply because of its interest in the technology. OWiN is ultimately interested in the data of varied nature and content generated through the various commercial activities and travels taken by drivers en route their daily activities.

OWiN aims to collect and analyze various data on the drivers by assigning them their own unique ID. Through the data mining based on the collected data on the driver’s daily journies and frequently visited places, OWiN will be able to hold and deal with the information on the driver’s habitual patterns for the provision of more accurate and pin-point services.
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OWiN has patents pending in both South Korea and the United States for rightful protection of our unique technology and design relating to our services and products.

OWiN is holds and is filing technology-related patents for the building of Connected Car Commerce Platform consisting of cigar-jack Car ID based control, communication, and payment.
  • Patent
  • South Korea
  • Patent
  • Global PCT
  • Patent filed
  • The areas of patents include the below technological areas.
  • (171+ patents in process)
  • - Design and unique technology of cigar-jack based Car ID devices
    - Controlling technology of cigar-jack Car ID
    - Linking technology for voice signals and bluetooth signals
    - Payment methodology by close-range device
    - Methodology for payment in fueling services
    - Micro location-based Car ID service technology designated for automatic fueling services
    - Intelligent parker device technology